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Using Critical Thinking When Believing in Extrasensory Perception Essay

Utilizing Critical Thinking When Believing in Extrasensory Perception (Psychology course) - Essay Example Mike utilized the achievement of a chance expectation as a premise to overlook past disappointments. Along these lines, this situation shows a portion of the highlights related with the deception of positive occurrences. Mike has reviewed and depended on a singular occasion (the â€Å"hit†), for this situation a call from his old darling, to legitimize his declaration that he has extrasensory discernment. There is no proof that Mike can achieve this accomplishment normally; surely, there is no proof that he has ever done this previously. The investigation, hence, must lay on this single event. The second significant trait of the false notion of positive examples is likewise apparent; for this situation, for example, Mike appears to disregard or allot as unessential the way that he was erroneous in anticipating the personality of numerous guests before (â€Å"misses†). Along these lines, Mike is depending on a remarkably particular occasion to affirm a bigger truth. For this situation, his statement isn't defended in light of the fact that he depends on a solitary hit t o the rejection of a lot more misses. The sentimental attractions of extrasensory discernment are available in this situation. That a mystic can show up in an instructive setting, embellished with the trappings of scholarly control, and afterward effectively anticipate that two understudies will have a similar birthday is amazing. An ensuing feeling of stunningness is characteristic. It is normal as a result of the measurable implausibility of the clairvoyant being right. This situation, in light of this measurable trademark, shows the deception of innumeracy. The false notion of innumeracy accept that people may select to accept that a possibility event can't be clarified through any reasonable methods; all the more especially, inadequate with regards to a comprehension of measurements or probabilities, individuals may decide to accept that an occasion is unthinkable missing some extrasensory force or knowledge. This kind of false notion can be applied to this situation. For this situation, there are twenty-four

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Pinochets Medical Report Essays - RTT, Augusto Pinochet

Pinochets 'Clinical Report' Essays - RTT, Augusto Pinochet Pinochets 'Clinical Report' pinochets 'clinical report' Congressperson Pinochet has a mind boggling clinical history, however the principle dynamic clinical issues at present are diabetic fringe neuropathy and as of late dynamic cerebrovascular cerebrum harm. The diabetic neuropathology is adding to troubles in strolling and to the watched inclination to postural hypertension. The diabetes will likewise have inclined to blood vessel sickness as will a previous history of smoking The cerebrovascular ailment has showed mostly as minor strokes and transient asthmatic assaults yet additionally motivations dynamic harm without intense manifestations. There is clinical proof of broad harm to the cerebrum. This incorporates two-sided harm to pyramidal tracts to cause spasticity indications and to the basal ganglia delivering highlights of parkinsonism. The nearness of crude reflexes shows harm to the frontal projections and the memory defecit is practically identical with two-sided harm to transient flap structures. Challenges in cognizance are auxiliary to the memory deficiency. While a great part of the harm is owing to regions of the mind served by the basilar conduit (demonstrated to be calcified, in the CT examines) the frontal projection debilitation shows increasingly summed up blood vessel infection. Qualification for preliminary Truly: Senator Pinochet would at present have the option to go to a preliminary yet as highlights of cerebrovascular harm have advanced in spite of ideal treatment (with great control of diabetes and circulatory strain and antiplaseler operators) further weakening in both physical and state of mind is likely. Intellectually: It is our view that Senator Pinochet would not at the present be intellectually fit for important investment in a preliminary. We base this sentiment on: 1. Memory defecit for both later and remote occasions. 2. Restricted capacity to comprehend complex sentences and questions inferable from memory impedance and resulting failure to process verbal data fittingly. 3. Weakened capacity to communicate perceptibly, briefly and appropriately. 4. Simple fatiguability With these obstacles he would be not able to follow the advancement of a preliminary adequately to train counsel. He would experience issues in understanding the substance and ramifications of inquiries put to him and would have lacking knowledge into his trouble. His memory of remote occasions is weakened. He would experience issues making himself understood and comprehended in answering to questions. We are fulfilled that the obstacles we have recognized are because of mind harm, as they are intelligent in nature and predictable in sign and formal neuropsychological testing indicated none of the highlights of conscious embellishment of debilitation. Specifically those neuropsychological tests characteristic of unique knowledge and instructive levels, (for example, the jargon size of the WAIS)show unrivaled execution. At present, Senator Pinochet shows no proof of clinical sorrow. Situational worry, as liable to be occasioned by preliminary, produces physiological reactions that could quicken the movement of vascular infection. We were told, nonetheless, that Senator Pinochet has in the past indicated prominent individual capacities in overseeing pressure. We hence don't feel ready to communicate any valuable conclusion on the potential impacts on his soundness of experiencing preliminary. The significant scenes of harm appear to have happened in a group of thromboembolic occasions during September and October 1999. There possesses been adequate energy for the incredible lion's share of any normal unconstrained recuperation from these occasions to have occurred. Albeit some time or another to day vacillation in utilitarian capacities is normal for cerebrum harm because of cerebrovascular sickness we consider additionally supported practical improvement of a noteworthy degree impossible. Foundation - the remainder of the report: Educator Sir John Grimley Evans, Dr M J Denham, and Professor Andrew Lees embraced a clinical interview with Senator Pinochet at Norwick Park Hospital on January 25th 2000. The discussion was attempted in Spanish. Additionally present: Dr Henry Olivi (Observer) Prof. D J Thomas (Observer) Nurse Shelley Cape, Manuel Cerda (Senator Pinochet's valet) Late Medical History: Following careful decompression of timber spine in 1998 Senator Pinochet was grieved for certain weeks by extreme cerebral pain over the temple. This settled unexpectedly. For the last 8 to 9 months he has noted trouble in strolling and now can just cover 200 yards before his legs become too feeble to even consider continueing. He presently strolls with a stick. Deadness of the bottoms of his feet has likewise advanced over that time. In the course of the most recent ten months he has seen a continuous

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Protection and Advocacy disparity for Mentally Ill Persons Research Paper

Security and Advocacy dissimilarity for Mentally Ill Persons - Research Paper Example In the ongoing past, support extended to involve the essentials and necessities of individuals with unimportant mental conditions, today, the insurance and promotion idea covers everybody that is a piece of the emotional wellness treatment forms. The various activities should profit the psychological wellness patients and their families at profundity; in any case, in certain zones, the idea isn't so viable. The far reaching development particularly impacts cerebral prosperity activities and guideline in certain nations where there is huge improvement yet a portion of the territories despite everything need tending to. Considerably, the idea of promotion assumes liability of raised familiarity with the hugeness of psychological well-being as an overall and regular condition in individuals. The fundamental concern comes in as a result of the ignoring of treatment and care of the intellectually sick in the thesis around strength, benefits and equivalence2 (Kenneth, 2014, 1). This is puzzling in light of the fact that mental inadequacies are pervasive, influencing a critical number of individuals around the world. Moreover, the commonality of individuals with cerebral ailment is one classified by differing interlaced echelons of dissimilarity and segregation inside the social request. Systems planned for accomplishing right equality of each one need similar conclusions to acknowledge material libertarianism for individuals with mental inadequacies. Basically, essential viewpoints, for example, insufficiency, imbalance, vagrancy and intuition are significant supporters of the danger for psychological s ickness treatment and care; truth be told, they encourage a large portion of the negative impacts expanding generally speaking disparity3 (WHO, 2003, 6). A methodology dependent on mental weakness should concentrate on misusing the typical human parts of patients by esteeming their natural custom, individual

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Ielts Essay Samples Pdf Reviews & Tips

Ielts Essay Samples Pdf Reviews & Tips New Questions About Ielts Essay Samples Pdf If you don't plan you are more inclined to get lost halfway through your essay and the outcome is normally an extremely confused bit of writing that is hard to read. Hopefully now you'll have a great deal of suggestions for your essay. You wish to ensure your letter has a structure. To take a very simple example, if you're writing about the benefits and drawbacks of something, you might want one paragraph about each. The classical techniques of teaching always concentrated on the lecture format and examination. If you wish to know specifically where you're going wrong, then you need to talk about your work with a seasoned IELTS instructor. True, you should show IELTS the language you've got, but you don't need to have a fantastic idea or show which you know everything. Academic and basic training. From that point, you can create a complete study program. Below is the methodology I use with all my successful students. If you'd like more info about our courses, please feel free to test them out here. Firstly, virtual friendships that are formed online might not be genuine. You may also adjust the brightness of screen dependent on the type of system you're using as there exists bunch of the means to correct the brightness. You also desire a mixture of cohesive devices. Check out whether you're able to turn the page with some arrow keys or click a particular portion of the display, aside from utilizing the mouse to control everything. Time yourself and allow only one hour to finish both portions of the test. Thinking of good ideas is among the most difficult areas of the test for a number of people. To tackle all areas of the job, you must respond to everything that's asked in the question. There's a general description at the start and end of the answer. Answers will always vary based on the sort of graph or diagram, and the sort of language will vary, but there's a particular structure that they all follow. The Upside to Ielts Essay Samples Pdf Lots of people know they need to enhance their writing, but don't have any idea how to do that. Hence, it's said, marry for money is right in a point. To a lot of folks, it's appropriate to marry for money instead of love. So, for a lot of people, it may appear appropriate to marry for money instead of love. The Ielts Essay Samples Pdf Game There are two kinds of ielts. Maybe the best plan of action is a kind of compromise. The very first graph indicates the cultural and leisure activities that boys take part in, whereas the second g raph indicates the activities where the girls participate. If you're sick, your physician will run tests to learn the specific cause of your symptoms. The article below will demonstrate the top 10 most frequent IELTS topics. To access the totally free IELTS download, simply click the hyperlink and a PDF is going to be downloaded. This page is going to teach you just how to maximise your IELTS writing task two score. Practice makes perfect in regards to IELTS Writing. Grammar is among the four things you'll be marked on in the Writing test. Ielts Essay Samples Pdf Explained You might also have to examine different aspects of an issue and then outline your ideas for solving it. 1 thing I want to warn you about structures is that they're not a magic wand that can help you automatically get a greater score. Subsequently, the education system isn't going to increase significantly enjoy the prediction of the folks. To start with, education is thought to be the backbone of a nation and it's quite obvious that education system of a country has an immense part in the total development of a nation. If you choose to complete our absolutely free grammar exercises, here is a summary of the topics they cover. Given an essay is a lengthy bit of writing condensing into a 5 page structure is a powerful way to help it become comprehensive. You're able to download a PDF copy of it at the base of the webp age. Write an overall overview. A superb conclusion ought to be an overview of your primary points. The body paragraphs are the principal portion of your essay. Again, take a look at some of the model essays to view how each body paragraph clearly has one central topic.

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A Perspective of Poverty and HIV on Sub-Saharan Africa

A perspective of poverty and HIV on Sub-Saharan Africa The majority of people currently living with HIV are in Sub-Saharan Africa where this infectious immune disease has had a devastating impact mentally, physically, economically and socially since this pandemic began. Sub-Saharan Africa is about 15% of the worlds population, and it has approximately seventy percent of the people living with HIV. In 2011 there were 23,500,000 people living with HIV, and 1,200,000 annual AIDS deaths. The new HIV infections are 1,800,000 annually. (1) This disease is world wide and not just isolated to Sub-Saharan Africa, however, with the data from researchers it does have the highest prevalence of the disease. There is world wide efforts in combating the spread, and research that is ongoing to try to irradiate this terrible disease. This disease may cause the extinction of mankind if we as a society are unable to control and find a cure. There are so many factors that play a role in the process of this disease, but the issues of poverty within the HIV population needs to be addressed. The geographical countries of the Sub-Saharan Africa where the disease is extreme are: Angola Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (Democratic Republic), Cà ´te dIvoire, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar,Show MoreRelatedHiv / Aids And Aids1597 Words   |  7 Pagessurprise HIV/AIDS is still one the most deadly disease that is still threatening a large population of human life, and there is no complete cure yet at the moment. Based on the most recent WHO (World Health Organization) data, approximately 35 million people are living with HIV/AIDS at the end of 2013, and remarkably more than 23 million people in sub Saharan Africa experience the most severe HIV/AIDS epidemics. Despite the fact there are still a large population of people living with HIV/AIDS inRead MoreHiv And Aids : Hiv / Aids Essay924 Words   |  4 Pages2.1 HIV/AIDS HIV is a latent virus that attacks and compromises the immune system and exposes the body to diseases and infections. AIDS is a disease of the immune system caused by a retrovirus known as HIV that makes the individual highly vulnerable to life threatening infections and diseases such as TB (FANTA, 2004). 2.1.1 TRANSMISSION OF HIV According to FANTA, there are three primary routes of HIV transmission; 1) Unprotected sex with a person carrying the HIV virus. 2) Transfusion of contaminatedRead MoreDeveloping Sub Saharan Africa Essay1158 Words   |  5 PagesSome of the world’s poorest countries, with some of the highest child labor and illiteracy rates lie in Sub Saharan Africa. People generally associate the region only with poor economic conditions and all of the social disorder that goes along with 3rd World Status. While some of this reputation is deserved, many people are also failing to see the vast potential for this part of the world. There are several factors that African governments should look into if they want to effectively and efficientlyRead MoreThe End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities of Our Time665 Words   |  3 PagesPoverty was originally inevitable as a result of world affairs, such as slavery, wars and battles for independence. After world affairs has settled, majority of countries recovered from their despair and hardship. Today, the worldwide rate of poverty has dropped dramatically except in sub-Sahara n Africa. Jeffery D. Sachs has spent 25 years working in indigent countries of Africa in effort to understand the cause of their endeavors with extreme poverty. Sachs, then, provided an analysis of why extremeRead MoreHow Hiv / Aids Impacted A Nation1559 Words   |  7 Pagesburdened with health costs, and the overall demographic and future of Africa is changing as the youth are either contracting the virus or not able to attend school, hampering their employment options in the future. A nation specific micro level example of how HIV/AIDS impacts a nation was a study that was conducted in South Africa that determined the factual negative impact on their economy. They found these conclusions due to the HIV/AIDS disease: a lower labour force, lower productivity, a cost pressureRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography : The African Albino Epidemic1221 Words   |  5 PagesAnnotated Bibliography: The African Albino Epidemic For many years the targeting and murdering of people with Albinism has been occurring in sub-Saharan Africa for spiritual powers, good fortune, and monetary gain. As the world becomes more modern and civilized one would think that this would be coming to an end, instead it has increased over the years. Many solely blame witch doctors, however even with laws preventing this and witch doctors being arrested; the hunting of people with Albinism hasRead MoreThe s Perspective On Hiv Essay882 Words   |  4 PagesEpidemiologist Perspective on HIV Epidemiologist: This role involves learning about the pattern and incidence of how the disease is transmitted and works to help find community prevention solutions. The portals of entry for HIV: skin via Injection or trauma, mucous membranes of mouth, penis, vagina and rectum during sexual activity, placenta to child during pregnancy. Portals of exit: blood, semen, pre-ejaculate, vaginal secretions and breast milk. Reservoirs: human blood, semen and vaginal secretionsRead MoreSub Saharan Afric Developing The World With Its Most Formidable Essay1167 Words   |  5 PagesINTRODUCTIONBackground Sub-Saharan Africa continues to present the world with its most formidable developmentchallenge. During the last two decades the number of the poor in Africa has doubled from150 million to 300 million, more than 40 percent of the region’s population. About one thirdof the region’s population lives in countries affected by or emerging from conflict. Moreover,HIV/AIDS continues to t hreaten African lives and livelihoods. Africa is the only region thatremains behind on most ofRead MoreSustainable Development: Food, Natural Resources, and Gender2239 Words   |  9 Pagesinterdependent components of human progress (commission, 2013). In this report I shall illustrate three challenges to sustainability on a global, local and regional level. For the global challenge I shall discuss global health, I will use the Sub-Saharan African countries as an example of how agricultural practices’ there are currently not sustainable and finally, the challenge of making Ireland an economically sustainable country will be highlighted. I hope to show how important Sustainable DevelopmentRead MoreRwanda, Uganda, And Burundi2325 Words   |  10 PagesRwanda is located in east-central Africa surrounded by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi. In fact Rwanda is slightly smaller than the state of Maryland and has a total population of 12,661,733 people. The land is 74.5 percent farmable and the median age throughout the country is 18.8. The average lifespan of a citizen in Rwanda is about 59 years. Also in the past year, there were about 33.75 births per 1,000 people and the average death rate wa s 8.96 deaths per

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Essay on Redox Titration Lab Report - 750 Words

Determination of Fe by Redox Titration Matt Cuff Quant 320L October 21, 2011 Abstract In this experiment the percent of iron in an unknown sample will be determined by using a redox titration and then compared to a different method. A primary standard which in this case is ferrous ammonium sulfate will be used to standardize potassium dichromate. The standardized potassium dichromate will then be used to titrate the unknown iron sample using the indicator p-diphenylamine sulfonate. The standardized potassium dichromate which has a concentration around 0.017 M is then titrated into the unknown iron sample which is dissolved in deionized water. The unknown sample is titrated to its end point using the indicator p-diphenylamine†¦show more content†¦Then use this information to calculate the percent iron in the unknown sample. The only obvious observations that could be made in the experiment was the color change of the solution from green to purple due to the indicator p-diphenylamine sulfonate and also titrating the solution with potassium dichromate. Data Analysis Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Trial 4 Wt. Fe(NH)2(SO4)2 , g 0.5025 g 0.5010 g 0.5003 g 0.5013 g Vol. K2Cr2O7 , mL 13.72 mL 14.22 mL 13.83 mL 13.69 mL Wt. Unknown , g 0.5020 g 0.5020 g 0.5022 g 0.5004 g Vol. K2Cr2O7 , mL 9.07 mL 10.18 mL 9.53 mL 9.78 mL % Iron in sample 10.29% 11.55% 10.85% 11.11% Trial 1 10.29% Fe Trial 2 11.55% Fe Trial 3 10.85% Fe Trial 4 11.11% Fe Mean 10.95% Fe STD  ± 0.5% Fe RSD  ± 0.05% Fe Calculations [K2Cr2O7] = 0.017 M 9.07 mL K2Cr2O7 * 0.017 M = [pic] Spooled =[pic] Spooled = 9.20 tcalc = [pic] tcalc = 1.197 @ 90% ttable = 1.90 ttable tcalc The two methods are statistically comparable Fcalc = [pic] Fcalc = 676 Ftable = 9.28 Fcalc Ftable The variances of the two methods are statistically different The average percent of iron present in the unknown sample was 10.95% Fe with a standard deviation of  ± 0.5% Fe. When statistically compared to an alternative method of determining percent iron in the same unknown sample using Beer’sShow MoreRelatedChemistry Lab Report for Vitamin C Estimation by Back(Idiometric) Titration3329 Words   |  14 Pagesback(idiometric) titration Mahindra (UWC of India) Chemistry lab report for back titration Name: Ashenafi Asfaw Beyene Back (Indirect) Titration Vitamin C estimation by Back Titration Table1: The amount of volume (in cm3) and concentration (in M) of KI, KIO3, and H2SO4 which were used in the experiment of Vit C estimation by back titration. VKI addedRead MoreCOMPLEXOMETRIC DETERMINATION OF WATER HARDNESS LAB2098 Words   |  9 Pagesthe mixture prior to the titration to capture the calcium metal ions so the indicator can work properly. The experiment adds 4 drops of Eriochrome Black T as the indicator to visually see the color change as complexes are formed and the solution undergoes chelation of metal impurities. The color change from indicator starts as pink and changes to a violet then light blue color to signify the chemical phase changes throughout the reaction until the endpoint. 3 titrations are experimentally conductedRead MoreTitration Research Paper3106 Words   |  13 PagesQuantitative Chemistry –Titration Determination of the Molarity of an Unknown Solution through Acid-Base Titration Technique 1. Introduction 1.1 Aim The aim of this investigation was to determine the precise molarity of two (NaOH(aq)) sodium hydroxide solutions produced at the beginning of the experiment through the acid-base titration technique. 1.2 Theoretical Background Titration is a method commonly used in laboratory investigations to carry out chemical analysisRead MoreSynthesis and Component Analysis of an Iron (Iii) Oxalate Complex7868 Words   |  32 PagesExperiments 4A-C: Synthesis and Component Analysis of an Iron (III) Oxalate Complex My Name TA, Section B## Work Performed on 10/23, 10/30, 11/4, 200# Report due Tuesday, November ##, 200# 1. Abstract This experiment initially involved the synthesis of an iron (III) oxalate complex with the general formula Kw[Fex(C2O4)y] ·zH2O. The variables x, y, and z were determined through the duration of the entire experiment. From 1.2000g of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2 were synthesized 1.1###g of K3[FeIII(C2O4)3] ·3H2ORead MoreSynthesis and Component Analysis of an Iron (Iii) Oxalate Complex7868 Words   |  32 PagesExperiments 4A-C: Synthesis and Component Analysis of an Iron (III) Oxalate Complex My Name TA, Section B## Work Performed on 10/23, 10/30, 11/4, 200# Report due Tuesday, November ##, 200# 1. Abstract This experiment initially involved the synthesis of an iron (III) oxalate complex with the general formula Kw[Fex(C2O4)y] ·zH2O. The variables x, y, and z were determined through the duration of the entire experiment. From 1.2000g of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2 were synthesized 1.1###g of K3[FeIII(C2O4)3] ·3H2ORead MoreChem 1212k Lab Report Essay1341 Words   |  6 PagesDeborah Bell April 17, 2012 Chemistry 1212K Lab Synthesis Report Introduction In this Chemistry Lab the main objective is to perform accurate chemical analysis for the quantity of elements and compounds in a sample. There will be a compound made then synthesized. The methods used were acid-base titrations, redox titrations, gravity filtration, and distillation. General conclusions included Procedures Weight of Crucibles 1. The first experiment is Preparation of a Cobalt AmineRead MoreMicroelectronic Pill8918 Words   |  36 Pagesdeliver enhanced functionality, reduced size and power consumption, through system-level integration on a common integrated circuit platform comprising sensors, analog and digital signal processing, and signal transmission. In this report, we present a novel analytical micro system which incorporates a four-channel micro sensor array for real-time determination of temperature, pH, conductivity and oxygen. The sensors were fabricated using electron beam and photolithographic patternRead MoreBiology Vitamin C Lab Report4458 Words   |  18 PagesBIOLOGY LAB REPORT TITLE: DETERMINING THE VITAMIN C CONTENT IN VARIOUS FRUIT JUICE PREPARED BY: NOR HUSNA BINTI MOHD ROSLI CLASS: SC3 (ALUK 11) IC NUMBER: STUDENT ID: LECTURER’S NAME: MADAM ZAKIAH BINTI ZAKARIA SUBMISSION DATE: 22 AUGUST 2013 OBJECTIVES: To investigate the vitamin C content in various fruit juices which is based on the graph’s curve obtained. INTRODUCTION [pic] Vitamin C, or also known as ascorbic acid (L-ascorbic and L-dehydroascorbicRead MoreEssay about Basic Chemistry for Investigating Living Systems7868 Words   |  32 PagesStem(Dependent Variable) | 1 Biuret Reagent - 4 mL in Pipet(Dependent Variable) | | | | Quantity/Materials (Independent and Dependent Variables) Methodologies/Observations/Hypotheses/Results/Conclusions: Preparations Required Prior to Performing Lab Exercises: 1% Albumen Solution Preparation, used in Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4: Place only the translucent (referred to as the â€Å"egg white†) part of an egg into a clean bowl. Avoid adding any white opaque-colored membrane material. Mix the egg white well

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Research In Accounting Employees on Tax

Question: Discuss about the Case Study for Research In Accounting for Employees on Tax. Answer: Introduction The report has been segregated into two different parts. The first part of the report suggested the compensation benefits and its repercussions of the employees on Strong built Construction Company. The report studies the elements of the compensation packages, key components of the agency theory and their effects on the approaches of the compensation. The report also reveals the relationship between the intrinsic and extrinsic factor of motivation on the employees. The relationship of compensation with the employees attitude towards risk has also been discussed in this report. The latter part of the report gives recommendations to enhance the job satisfaction level in terms of work motivation of the employees of Strong built Construction Company. Body The important elements of the compensation package consists basic pay, annual bonus, long-term incentives, employee benefits, perquisites and post- termination compensation. The basic pay consists of the compensation for the daily performance which are based on the general skills of the employee, experience and accomplishments. This type of pay is often considered as fixed compensation. The annual bonus compensation is used to motivate the employees when the employee achieves measurable results. Bonuses are also taken into consideration for annual bonus of the employees. The long term compensation bonuses are paid to the employees in stock. These pay package rewards the employees for meeting long term results, generally over three years. The employee benefit component of the compensation protects the employees of the unforeseen expenses typically related to sudden loss, facilitating loss of income due to health related problems. These benefits are granted to the employees for restora tion of the catastrophic expenses. The perquisites are the elements which are present to retain the employees. The post termination compensation bonus supports the financial situation of an individual for involuntary termination from the services ( 2016). The traditional agency theory sees the work as a result of a decision making process. In this theory of understanding the habits and feeling of an individual are not taken into consideration, although psychological factors directly affect the behavior. The standard theory is aimed to monitor the costs and alignment of the incentives. The agency theory aligns the factors which are directly related to motivate the employees so that they perform to their best level. The agency theory provides the source to various neoclassical economics theories which aims to provide accurate predictions on the economic phenomena without claiming on the main assumption which describes the behavioral processes. The agency theory determines the relation between the job performance and the performance of the firm and shows various aspects in which it differs in terms of compensation design. The traditional agency theory clearly justifies the exploration of the performance to the extent which goes beyond th e critical understanding of the human behavior. According to various theories on work motivation the main problem of this theory is to make the employee work according to its levels. For one instance motivation behavior is the consequence of unsatisfied needs. The behavioral agency theory is directed to fulfill the needs of motivation (Pepper and Gore 2015). The extrinsic motivation is characterized by external motivator. This form of motivation requires achievement of a particular goal. The intrinsic motivators on the other hand are driven by internal form of motivation. The goal may be strived for accomplishment of personal satisfaction. According to Ims et al. (2014), the extrinsic factors for motivation such as economic incentives may completely eliminate the need for intrinsic factors. The relationship between the two can be drawn from the psychological literature study of Deci and Ryan which states that motivation is combined with a particular task itself and motivation depend on the external rewards and sanctioning. The relationship can be further drawn from the western culture, where the policies for rationality are strong. This suggests that behavior is expected to be utility oriented. The distinction between the two can be drawn from the crowding out effect. In order to get an extensive idea on the importance of the compensation and performance on the employees, let us assume performance is related to the economic attainment of the objectives. The effect of crowding out effect not only drives out the intrinsic factors of the motivation but also eliminates the need for existential, social and ecological values that influence the managers performance and overall business conduct. ( 2016). The employees attitude towards risk should a have a direct relation with the risk and desired compensation. The risk seeking employees should be rewarded with more amount of compensation for taking more initiative for the productivity of the organization. On the other hands the risk avoiding employees should be treated with lower compensation and rewards. The accomplishments of the risk seeking individuals will essentially motivate the other workers within an organization. The compensation is also directly associated to the performance of the individual employees. The employees who are risk avoiding in nature can be further motivated by making them take part in planning, controlling, organizing activities. The pay is directly related to the extent of risk taken by the employee. In case the employee has taken higher amount of risk the employees will be benefitted with greater amount of compensation and if the risk avoiding employees should essentially have lower amount of compensation . The compensation should be based on compensation committee led by U.S. which considers fairness and balance in the compensation system. (Foss, N Stea, D 2014). The financial benefit for the employees is directly related to the share prices and tax level of a company. The ideal time for receiving employee benefit is the time when the share prices are on the higher side and tax level on the lower side. Hence the factors are driven by market forces, companies need to understand the present market situation while offering financial benefit. It is also important to forecast the future level of the taxes. The future forecast will ensure that even during the economic turmoil, the company will be able to balance the compensation amount. In several performances related areas when employees are assigned with challenging tasks or contributed for high production of the company, the employee should be rewarded with excess amount of financial benefit. This way the employee will realize about the recognition for performing well in critical situations. Another instance of ideal time can be identified when companys decides to dissolve the shares which were being held for more than three years, such decision will bring in more amount of liquid finance and the companies will be able to settle the higher amount of financial benefit for the deserving employees. In a construction company like Strong Built Construction Company, if the Government decides to invest funds, the company will be able to provide additional compensation to the employees. (Graham et al. 2013). The neoclassical theory of wage determination did not take into consideration fairness while determining the wages of the employees. The present times the wages are directly determined by the marginal productivity and supply schedule related to the utility functions undertaken by the employees. Fairness plays a vital role in determining and comparison of the wages within an organization. The basis of comparison is more often drawn from the upper level of the organization rather than downward level (Kaufman 2013). According to Wright and Davis (2014), the most common instance of fairness in the compensation can be recalled from the incidences of collective bargaining. In this particular situation if the workers of a particular group or union received an increase in the wages, the same increment should be entitled in some other group. The particular concept was also known as orbits to coercive comparison. Based on the traditions of the several industries the groups may be permitted to receive the same amount of increase. Another important concept in abiding the fairness in the compensation theory considers, whether the wage theory is demand or supply oriented. For example a newly aspirant for the job may find that the compensation offered to him/her is unfair based on the academic qualifications or experience. In this situation the employer may simply decide to switch to the next candidate. In this situation both employer and the candidate are making implicit comparison in accordance with the g eneral level of pay in the market for that particular position but these comparison are not specific in relation to the fairness controversies (KATZ 2012). According to Hermanson et al. (2012), the fairness given for the employee compensation has a cascading effect on the subordinates of an organization. If the top management is given more amount of compensation then it is evident that the subordinates will be content with their pay. Similarly when the employees are underpaid in compare to the CEOs or executives of the companies, it is more likely for the employees to leave the company. Hence if the CEO has a grandiose realization of only his personal contributions and little concern on fairness then it is more expected that the CEO will try to reinforce the internal pay, to show the importance of the contributions of the employee and its importance relative to the contribution of the other employees (O'Reilly et al. 2014). In order to consider the fairness in the compensation special arrangements are done by initiatives such as change-in-control in incidence when a company decides to give benefit to an individual in case of termination of an employee due to merger or takeover activities. These activities are often referred as Golden Parachutes. The primary principle behind giving compensation benefit lies in benchmarking the pay accordingly with the marketplace or the relevant industry. The second most important component for higher compensation is fair pay according to the performance of the employees (Doerr et al. 2013). The compensation committee is responsible for determining the pay practices that are directly related to the firms best interest. The presence of compensation committees focuses more on the employees than on the shareholders. The two major role of the compensation committee is to set the compensation of the executive and second being to provide some evidence on the rationale on the regulation of the Government in redesigning of the board committees (Boyle and Roberts 2013). The primary goal of a compensation committee is to deliver fair amount of compensation to the employees and stakeholders. The compensation committee takes into consideration fairness and balance in the compensation process. It is also important to relate the executive compensation and the role of the committees. Based on the findings of an interview conducted in twenty U.S. public companies, the most prominent tension was found in the demand of the shareholders and the management. Many interviewees described the tension for the resource dependence theory and agency theory. The overall findings of the study suggested the importance of going ahead of the agency theory. The importance of the Executive compensation committee of Strong Built Construction Company lies in the performance measurement of the employees. The management needs to identify those employees who have shown extensive dedication to the contribution of the performance and pay them according to their efforts. The compens ation committees also ensure that the employees are recognized in accordance with the risk attitude of the employees and fairness is adhered by all means. (Guthrie et al. 2012). Conclusion The study shows the various dimensions of a compensation package. The agency theory segregates the theory in terms principals and agents involved in the business process. It helps to deal with two major problems. The inconsistencies which arose in the desires of the principal and the second being the attitude of the principal towards the tolerance level of risk. In realistic context this particular relation can be seen among the creditors and stockholders and shareholders with the mangers. The extrinsic and intrinsic motivation factors show how the internal catalysts are different from the external in defining the attitude towards work. The time period reflects on the ease of pay in terms of liquid flow of money available with the company. The study also puts emphasis on fairness and balance in structuring of employee compensation which is considered for best practice. Recommendation Based on the given situation of the case study, the Government policies have been considerably stringent. This has negatively affected Strong built construction company in maintaining a good profile, due to this there was fall in the employee motivation levels despite of stability in revenues. The proposal offered by Susan Bold, for rewarding the existing employees based on the intrinsic motivation will be ideal to enhance the performance of the employees. The monetary compensation is in line with the time period when the company decided to explore the various opportunities. The various intrinsic roles such as participation in the decision making process and role similar business partner will make the employees feel more satisfied with their job roles and keep them motivated for higher output in workplace. An area where the companies need to focus is related to settlement of the employee salaries with ease. In order to efficient settlement of the salaries the company needs to bring i n more amount of liquid cash flow although it is considered as the secondary factor. The primary factor behind the structuring process being ensuring the attainment of the intrinsic factors which keeps the employees focused towards work performance. The intrinsic factors will further influence the risk seeking attitude of the employees. The employees seeking for higher motivation should be rewarded with higher amount of compensation. (Agyei and Owusu 2014). 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What are the elements of compensation? for The_DirecTV_Group (DTV). [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Jun. 2016]. Wright, D.A. and Davis, D.A., 2014. An Exploratory Multi-Case Study of the Perceptions and Views of Academic Faculty Union Members Relative to Online Distance Education, Collective Bargaining Related Policy. Journal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy, (9), p.26. Part II (I) 2a) According to Gold et al. (2012), the primary objective of the study is to determine the effectiveness of the theories mandated by revised ISA 700 auditors report which is related to reduce the audit expectation gap. The main participants of this study were auditors based in Germany and financial statement users after reading the details of financial statement of the firm and auditors report. The other portion the report evaluated the several opinions given by ISA 700 and basic audit version. The study focused on the perception of the participants on the auditors and management responsibilities and the reliability of the financial statements. The findings suggested that there was expectation gap with the responsibilities of the auditors. The final recommendations of the report stated that audit opinion may alone indicate sufficient relevant information to the users. 2b) Groups Information obtained Auditors Research describing about the various responsibilities of the management and the auditors. The information was based on scale 1 (strong dissent) to 7 (strong agreement). The findings suggested a mean response of 4.81 for the full report and 2.20 for the opinion based report. The latter part of the findings stated the extent to which the participants agreed to the statement. The mean response was observed as 4.52. Financial Analysts The findings suggested that the financial analysts had a high level of experience of handling financial reports and had high amount of knowledge of auditing. The final methodology suggested that the financial analysts perceived the audit profession to hold a high reputation level. Students The students were found to have a suitable amount of experience with financial reporting. The final result showed that students had a good amount of knowledge to handle the financial reports. Investors The investors determined the financial strength of the business and the number of preference shares sold in the stock market. (Pott et al. 2012) 2c) The manipulation formed highlighted the difference between the perceptions which were drawn as a result auditors report which considered the explanation given by revised ISA 700 in one part and opinion version on the other. A reduced gap in the expectation on the basis of complete findings suggested a positive effect which states the existence of the description that indicate a positive relation audit opinion in the revised auditors report. The most essential component of manipulation compared the perceptions which included the explanations forms on the basis of explanations given in ISA 700. The several results drawn from the findings suggested an existence of strong gap with ISA 700 report and opinion based report (Mock et al.2013). Part II (II) II a) The findings of both the studies suggested that the primary objective of the auditing was considered to be useful until 20th Century. However the primal importance shifted from fraud detection to verifying of the details in the financial report of the company. The study further suggested that the individuals related to auditing were more prone to avoid discrepancies which were in line with legal suits issued business holdings and public in general. It has been also observed that the fraud detection system was prevalent in most of the forms and stake holders were not satisfied with the work of the auditors. The main objective of the study was to evaluate the validity of the audit gap in Ghana both from auditors from the stakeholders viewpoint (Otalor and Okafor 2013). II b) Based on the study of Okafor, the difference between the level of expected state of performance experienced by the user of both financial report and the auditors report, the existence of audit expectation gap is evident. The study also identifies the audit expectation gap as the difference between the audits performers along with the explanations conveyed through the audit. Methodology of the data collection was based on the questionnaire method. According to Agyei and Owusu (2014), the study suggests the gap which persists in the audit expectations due to the detailing and subjectivity of the norms and concepts used in the auditing procedure. Some of the concepts take into consideration factors such as adequacy, materiality, fair value, reliability, relevance and reasonableness. The methodology suggested by Okafor is based on the quantitative aspect of the study which researches on the topic based on two hypotheses (Agyei and Gyamerah 2014). II c) According to the study conducted by Agyei and Gyamerah (2014), several responses were taken from the percipients which included 72.5% of the male candidates and more than 27% of female respondents. Among the various participants the work experience of 60% of the selected ones had a work experience of more than 5 years and 30% of the respondents were aged between 6 and 10 years, while rest of the participants were more aged. As per Okafor and Otalor (2013), the participants of the accounting department were selected from the Ambrose Alli University and University of Benin Idahosa and several other public investors from the Edo state. II d) As per Boateng and Agyei, (2013), the respondents in the survey by Albert Agyei showed that 45% of the auditors revealed positive response to the statements and 45% were disagreeing with the statement. The frauds detected in the financial statement were further agreed by 65% of the total number of the stock brokers selected for the purpose of the study. Moreover the study conducted by Okafor stated that the responsibility of the auditor was to furnish the clients with accurate audit report which was included in the financial statement. The primary findings of the study revealed that 67.12% of the participants did not know about the expectations specified in the books related to statute. It was seen that the findings of Okafor was more accurate in nature. II e) The study of Albert Agyei highlighted on the points of agreement and disagreement relating to the variables. The study also suggested that wasnt any expectation gap in the auditors and stock brokers which are in line with maintaining the financial statements. The study further stated that there was no expectation gap between the auditors and the stockbrokers which were related to exercising the judgments of the selection of the audit procedures. According to Otalor and Okafor (2013), the participants were of the opinion that it was the responsibility of the auditor to assure the client with most accurate auditing data and financial data. II f) The study by Albert Agyei indicated about the flaws of the over expectations of the users of the audited analysis of the financial reports (Agyei et al. 2013). The findings of Okafor further suggested that the public were in need of more knowledge and awareness towards their responsibilities and duties. The report suggested by the auditors included the disclaimer clauses indicating it was not a certificate to prove the financial viability. Conclusion The study shows how the organizations needs to go beyond agency theory in order to enhance the corporate governance. The intrinsic and extrinsic factors responsible for motivation further states the effect of engaging an employee as a role as business partner directly influences the job performance of an individual. The latter part of the report suggested the importance of adhering to the need of maintaining audit reports with more financial viability and ensuring the need for accurate auditing and recording of financial data. Reference List for Part II Agyei, A. and Gyamerah, S., 2014. The Awareness of Employees on Tax Relief Scheme in Ghana. International Business and Management, 9(1), pp.79-83. Agyei, A. and Owusu, A.R., 2014. The Effect of Ownership Structure and Corporate Governance on Capital Structure of Ghanaian Listed Manufacturing Companies. International Journal of Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Management Sciences, 4(1), pp.109-118. 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